How to Automate Captcha Code As Shown in below image

How to Automate Captcha Code As Shown in the below image

Hi @Ajit_Chowdary,

You can use a service for this. I am adding a Marketplace link. Convert images to base64 and forward them to this service, they reply to you, it is a paid service.

Note: Systems with captcha are systems that take precautions against robots. Therefore, it is not recommended to position robots in such processes.



Hello @Ajit_Chowdary

Is this a static format for the captcha or will it change??

You can try with get text with ocr andget the values and try to convert that to integer.

Then do the substraction.

Captchas are designed not to crack with any bots and not suggestable with RPA process.

It will change when ever page reloads

But is it again a captcha with calcukation? try with ocr once.


Try this:


if the captcha is a calculation always in this format you can use a get text and string manipulation to work out the answer and then input in the correct answer.

you will need to use nested if statements or a switch to determine if it is a - + / or *

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Hi @Ajit_Chowdary,

What @Rahul_Unnikrishnan wants to tell you is that if it can be read with a normal get text or get ocr text, you can reach the result yourself without using any external service.