How to attach two images (side by side) using send outlook mail message

Hi team! I am trying to attach two separate images to be located at the top (beginning) of email body contents. First image is left -align while the second image is right-align. Both images need to be in the same horizontal row. It is not an option to make these two images into one image. I attach my xaml and the two images here. Thanks much for your help and quick response!Main-image.xaml|attachment (8.1 KB) sun moon


You can write HTML code to set alignment as you needed in the body mail. Make sure IsBodyHTML option is checked in Send Outlook Mail Message activity.

@lakshman Hello & thanks so much. I also just realized the CSS is not able to be deployed for the time being in UiPath ? (refer below) Custom Input appereance

Hence, UiPath released UiPath.form.activities as an alternative? Is my understanding correct?

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