How to attach multiple files to output email

Hi friends

I need to attach all files available in particular folder.
It should be attached in " reply to outlook message" activity.
Because i need to reply attaching all the files exist in the folder.

please help.


You will have to give the attachment path as below in screenshot.

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Hi thanks. Files are dynamic. it will change, so i want to attach whatever is available in the folder.

@oshan Does it mean the number of files be dynamic?

yes, it will be dynamic.

@oshan I would suggest you to zip all and send as one attachment if it is acceptable.

By the time, let me check if it is viable in different way.

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If you want to add multiple files to the mail then you need to pass array of files under AttachmentCollection property.


This worked, i followed the below steps

  1. Create a variable ‘multiAttach’ of type string array.
  2. Assign multiAttach = Directory.GetFiles(“folder path”)
  3. In Send outlook mail messages, give “multiAttach” in attachment collection

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