How to attach live key element

I am already implemented key searching in wikipedia and now i have to attach it with live element… I tried to do by placing wildcard but still it is storing the previous value for all the data

Use UiExplorer to find out most reliable selector and pass to the activities.
Can you attach workflow.

Hi ddpadil
I already used your code for pancake only but even that code itself not working, it is showing the previous extraction data

element target: html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘* - Google Search’ idx=‘5’
webctrl id=‘rhscol’

not sure,may be because of slow net.
Keep more delay and try.
wait a second where did idx come from .
That’s why ur unable to scrape properly .
this is my selector for scraper.
<html app='chrome.exe' title='* - Google Search' /><webctrl id='rhscol' tag='DIV' />

if i use this selector

That above selector for Only dessert or not in google search engine it doesn’t holds good for wikipedia.
You have to fine tune it

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ok tq