How to assign array variable in external config file into array variable on UiPath Studio?



Now I’m working on the RPA development and I encounter the problem.
I use the external config file(excel) and the config information will be imported into dictionary<string, object> variable(Variable name:Config) once the robot started. e.g (Name:FILEPATH, Value: temp\test.txt)

If the variable is string then I can use in_Config(“Variable Name”).Tostring method.
However if it is array variable, how can I handle it?

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Hi Takuya,

An example would be helpful but you could use a string with delimiters and split it into an array once imported.



Hi Troy,

Could you kindly give me example?


Does this help?


Thank you so much.
You’re right. I have same issue but I would like to know the way without using Jason file.

How to convert object variable to array variable?

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Hi @11115,

Try this way

you can create in config like this For example arravalue: value1,value2,value3




And an example of the split previously mentioned by @tmays and @arivu96:
Dictionary (7.6 KB)


Hi Arivu,

Thank you for your advise.
This works well.