How to array converted in data column?

I have an array using a split function and make an array suppose{2,0,30,5} and {8,8,9,56}.I want to make a column and store in a data table?how can i do??


  1. First use Build Datatable activity to create Datatable.

  2. Then use ForEach loop activity to iterate the array and then inside use Add DataRow activity and pass below fields.

ArrayRow: {arrayValue}
DataTable: DatatableName

  1. And then use Write Range activity to write into excel file and pass that dataTable as input to it.

But column index is failed…because it itrates in one coloum…how can i array split in columns?

Hi @suneel070
Show the screenshot


here is workflowMain.xaml (9.8 KB)

Hi @suneel070

checked ur xaml

in add data row you have given only one item you need to pass the other values like{item,item,item}
and set write range add headers been checked

Ashwin S

Hi Aswin
when its run its all the data in 3 columns.but its not split the number…please elaborate this. i want to find the spefic coloums to store in datatable…

Do you want to store all data just in one column of DataTable?

Suppose → {2,0,30,5} and {8,8,9,56}


               Row 1: 2 
               Row 2: 0
               Row 3: 30
               Row 4: 5 

               Row 6: 8
               Row 7: 8
               Row 8: 9
               Row 9: 56

Or what u wanna is to split each Array in just one line but more columns?

Row 1: Column1: 2 Column2: 0 Column3: 30 Column4: 5
Row 2: Column1: 8 Column2: 8 Column3: 9 Column4: 56

Please clarify :grey_question:

Column 1(2, 8)
Column2(0, 8)
… And so on… This type of is…