How to Append multiple .xlsx in one file xlsx

hello, premise
that I have no programming experience, I have to append an variable number of .xlsx files to a folder.

The number of files varies every day, but the structure is the same for all files. (number of columns and column names)

I would like to obtain a single xlsx file that satisfies all the above, concatenated.

I can’t use excel Application Scope.
Can anyone help me?
If it’s easier, in the same folder I have the same files, in csv.
But in the end I have to get an .xlsx.

can help me with this?


Yeah so instead of using an Excel Scope, you can use the Read Range activity under Workbook (this doesn’t require Excel to be installed).

My steps would be:

  • build a master or main datatable
  • create a for each loop that loops through each xlsx file in the “input folder”
  • read each file into a datatable and append it to the master datatable
  • write the master datatable to file once all of the files have been read.

Does this make sense?

Thanks for the reply Jacqui_M,
I am sure that for most of the people present in this Forum, your indications are complete and exhaustive.
Unfortunately, I am not very familiar with and programming knowledge.
I dived into this environment, and I try to take the first steps.

I know how to create a datatable … this is very easy.
I know how to write the final DT, on an .xlsx file.

But I don’t know, concretely, how to write this part.

  • create a for each loop that loops through each xlsx file in the “input folder”
  • read each file into a datatable and append it to the master datatable

I realize that it is the “heart” of automation … sorry.

Hey @AaronMark

It’s a great place to start.

I would suggest looking at the training on the Academy. It really is useful to grasp a general understanding on some of the topics.

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HI Jaqui…
can you give me additional help.
I did this:
Sequence.xaml (13,9 KB)

“it works” … partially.
I don’t know how to add the header line in the final file.
I did some tests, but I think something is missing.

Can you give me some indication?


Hi @AaronMark,

Read range and write range properties add header and try

Omkar P

I would like to set the specific name of each column.
I think I used the DT and ADD ROW Build incorrectly.

Yes it is taking default value

Do you know how to set a different value?
I have the names of the columns.

if yo don’t mind provide your code are your input file.I will help you

Conversation-messages-Mon Jun 01 2020-Thu Jun 04 2020-1of4.xlsx (17,1 KB)
Conversation-messages-Mon Jun 01 2020-Thu Jun 04 2020-2of4.xlsx (20,6 KB)

Sequence.xaml (13,9 KB)

ok thank you

I Must KEEP only this columns.
eventKey , eventId, conversationId, time, agentGroupName

after append… :expressionless:

my script writes this line, but inserts it as the last one.

Do u need any empty line in-between each datatable while appending

Hi @AaronMark,

Please find the solution.If you have any issues.Let me know.

@I made some changes compare your file and this file you will have idea.

Sequence1.xaml (13.7 KB)

New Microsoft Excel Worksheet.xlsx (8.1 KB)

Omkar P

Hi Reddy…
I saw this when open your file.

do I have to upload any new packages?

How do I set it up?
Do I start writing from A2 instead of A1?

You are studio version?



My pc