How to append data existing column in 2nd datatable

I have two excel files in which there are 10 Columns and I need to copy column “C” and append to 2nd excel column “F”


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Read both excels…use add Data Column Activity and give the column you want to add and the datatable to which it is to be added


hello Anil
i need to update dt1 coumn C date to dt2 data table column B after existing data


i have given the strps for the same…Please check and let us know…if you face any issues

Add data column activity


Hi @Anil_Rajavarapu ,

We would be able to suggest with a more clear solution once we get to view the required Input & Expected Output data.

Here, few things need to be cleared. Do we need to update each row from Excel 1 Column C to it’s corresponding matching row in Excel 2 Column B ? If so, we need to know which are the two columns that we would need to compare for match. We could then update the corresponding rows.

If there is no requirement of matching the corresponding rows between the two data, then i believe we could simply perform the Copy Range operation.

Let us know if you are not able to understand the approaches mentioned above.

hi punch
as per my requirement to write entire column c to dt2 data table column b after existing data,no need to match any row