How to add true in a column

I have a input

columns are

what we need is
if column3=column5 then true under column6
and if column2=column4 then true under column6

how can we achieve this (I do not have excel) so i am using notepad

use generate datatable from text activity

follow my settings and click preview to see the result

now just use add data column to add column 6
then use for each row in datatable to loop datatable and check columns 2,3,4,5 to update column 6 accordingly

at the end use write csv activity to write datatable to text file (you dont need excel to use CSV activities as CSV is just a text file)


Can you try the following sample?

dt.Columns("Column6").Expression = "IIF([column3]=[column5] Or [column2]=[column4],'True','')" (3.0 KB)


Thank you for your help but I am getting this error


For now, Can you clear either of the field, unfocus it , then re-input the expression?


Thank you very much :pray:

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