How to add new value (data row) in existing Datatable?

Hi @niteckam,

  1. where are you checking the value is Valid or Not Valid?

  2. You no need to use “VATID_DT.Rows.IndexOf(row)” in assign as the variable “row” in "for each row "itself points the exact row where you need to update the result in “Column C”. So you can directly use like row.items(3) = New Value in Assign activity


please have a look on this

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Hi All,

I have a requirement like below. Iam able to fetch few values from a web page into some Variables in uipath. Now the requirement is to load the same variables into a Database through UIPATH.

Can someone guide me how to do.I got my server setup done through connect stage.

Iam able to perform the insert through execute non query.But passing the variables as input is challenging for me.

Please suggest me.