How to add multiple variables to a list using invoke method

Hi, I’m trying to add existing variables I’ve created into a list using Method Name: AddRange but it is in effective. Is there a way to do it.
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Hi you can
Try using append item to collection activity

Hope this helps you

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Hello @QUY_T_TAM_8.0_IELTS ,

You can use the Invoke Method to add the variables/values to the list as below :

Open the Properties and add your variable/values as below

Rohith Prabhu

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Could you let us know what did not work with the AddRange method ?

It does work with the below configuration :

I think it has to do with the type of Parameters. For my scenario it is String

Below I have specified 2 example to use the invoke methods . it can help you to understand about it.




This doesn’t fully explain us the Scenario, Could you provide us with some screenshots of the implementation to help you further.

Can you share image about your method?