How to add icon in nugate package using Uipath activity creator

Hi Uipath team,
please help me out ,
how to add icon in nuget package using uipath cratoer extension in visual studio.
and also when we add icon using PackageIconUrl in xml ,in this he only get full path,how to get the image project path only.
please help

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Hi @Shashi_Kumar1,

Have you tried with web url.

Thanks :slight_smile:

can you give some example

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Upload your image in drive/dropbox/google images and try with that link in package icon url.

Thanks :slight_smile:

its not work

Ensure your image/ icon is in SVG format. The Uipath activity creator only allows icons saved in SVG format (to ensure good quality icons).

When you create your activity you can use the GUI to select the youricon.svg file.

You can use Inkscape application to make svg icons. Either icons with 16x16 pixels or 32x32 pixels look good on activities.