How to add DATETIME Feature into excel sheet file name

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Hi Guys,

I had been trying to write feature into my filename.

I had attached what I have done till now. I did just try random wild guess of


Trust me this never works even I tried this thing also



The above has also an error it says ) that closed bracket expected.

Please help TIA


You cannot use “:” in the file name…


I simply changed your code as shown below…and it worked…


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Hi @Rahul_Singh_Kamboj ,

As mentioned by @prasath17 , you cannot use colon in file path

Try this

Instead of colon you can also use underscore.

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This works but I have been assigned to make a file name as this

Pull out the only data from Sheet1 which is available in sheet2, and save it in New excel named as "Filtered_Data_dd:MMM_hh:mm:ss.xlsx

Sorry, I didn’t get you…

Thanks, everyone the best way to do it is


forget path combine or anything just by taking care of the .(dot) and without using colon this can work.


the file name cant come as shown above right ?

Yes, I have already shared you a screenshot on why you can’t use : …

it would be great, if you make pertinent post as solution so that users will be benefited.

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