How to add data from one excel sheet column to filtered data in another column?

HI All, I’m trying to filter data from one excel sheet and pasting into another excel. I’m able to filter data but unable to concatenate two columns into one.

For Example: I have filter data columns of “DATE”=11/2/2019, “TYPE”=ss, “Station”= SAN DIAGO, and “Contract number” = 122123123. but before pasting the filter data into another excel “Contract number” column I need to add “999” for all the rows and also need to add “station” column into “contract number”. Finally, the "Contract number " column should look like “122123123 999 SAN DIEGO”

I tried giving .net commands but failed to get output. Please help me in this.

Note: I’m using old version uipath studio

Hi farook,

Please refer the solution below:

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@farook2 Please mark it us solution if your issue resolved, so that it will be useful for others too…

once after filtering this we will be having now the filtered datatable as a variable
–now use a for each row loop and pass that variable as input and inside the loop use assign activity and mention like this
row(“Contract number”) = row(“Contract number”).ToString + " " + “999” + " " + row(“Station”).ToString

this would concatenate all the values together and get assigned to the column Contract Number
the we can write that datatable to a excel we want
simple isn’t it
Cheers @farook2

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