Data to filter from one sheet to other sheet

Hello all, I having some column in excel sheet 1. want to filter out those column who heading contain NAR and want to paste their heading and below data in another sheet. How it is posdemo1.xlsx (8.0 KB)
demo1.xlsx (8.0 KB)
sible? please help me.

Try the following:

Build a data table and the add the spreadsheet data to the data table. Then use the “Filter data table” activity where you only keep the columns containing NAR in the header. Your output will be to another data table.

Once you have done this you use the “Write Range” activity and write the data from the filtered data table with only data containing NAR in the header to a spreadsheet.


hello sir thanks a lot its done. but actually I have in A2 i have date like 02-08-2021
Bill period From Bill period To
02-08-2021 01-09-2021
when i Concatenate in A4 cell i used excel formula for concatenate
=CONCATENATE(A1,": “,A2,B1,”: “,B2,C1,”: “,C2,D1,”: “,D2,E1,”: ", E2)
I got the output like this Bill period From: 44410 Bill period To: 44440: : :
so how to convert this 44410 in date??

When you build the data table, are you setting the column format to date or string?

i have directly used filter data table.
in excel write cell i used this =CONCATENATE(A1,": “,A2,B1,”: “,B2,C1,”: “,C2,D1,”: “,D2,E1,”: ", E2)
where i used this n how? DateTime.FromOADate(Double.Parse(cell.ToString))
how the run time is poosible to change the format of this cell

Can you send me an example of the sheet that contains the filtered data?

Doc1.docx (93.0 KB)
when i write formula in write cell. it create the op as this .
Bill period From: 44410 Bill period To: 44440: : :

at runtime it convert the date into number.

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