How to add array of array of string?

How to add array of array of string?
datatype : system.string
Example : {{“1”,“2”,“3”},{“1”,“2”,“3”},{“1”,"2,“3”}}


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Hi @Dinesh_Guptil ,
select type array is array

Hi @Dinesh_Guptil ,

The representation looks self explanatory, could you let us know what are you not able to perform ?

ArrArrayOfString = {{"1","2"},{"1","2"}}

For Adding an Array of String to the above, you could do like below :

ArrArrayOfString = ArrArrayOfString.Append({"1","2"}).ToArray


How about the following?

arrArrStr ={New String(){"1","2","3"},New String(){"1","2","3"},New String(){"1","2","3"}}


Hi @Dinesh_Guptil

Go to variables panel → Select the variable datatype → Select Array of T → Then popup is displayed in that popup select the array of T → Another popup displayed select the String.

Then It was Array[Array[String]]

Hope it helps!!

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