How to add add percentage and increase each value to 3 decimals

can anyone help me i have data in excel where iam doing sum of 3 columns and divided by 100 and writing the value in D column
here my requirement is i want add percentage and increase the value to 3 decimals
is this possible?
i dont have any pre-build template here

Kindly follow these:

  1. Clone your data table to get its header
    Assign dtResult = dt1.Clone()
  2. Use this LINQ to get what you want
    Assign dtResult =
    ( From row in dt1.AsEnumerable()
    Let ColA = Convert.ToDecimal(row(“ColA”).to string)
    Let ColB = Convert.ToDecimal(row(“ColB”).to string)
    Let ColC = Convert.ToDecimal(row(“ColC”).to string)
    Let Sol = Math.Round(((ColA+ColB+ColC)/100), 3)
    Let nc = dt1.Columns.Count-1
    Let ra = row.ItemArray.Take(nc).Append(Sol).ToArray
    Select r = dtResult.rows.add(ra)
  3. Write dtResult into an excel using Write Range activity.

Please mark if it solve your problem.
Thank you


You can use format cell activity and change the format to percentage