How to add a value to an array

I have a datatable with 3 columns one of the column names is ‘GPA’.
I am invoking a workflow to find the greatest value of all values in column GPA.
The workflow needs all the values of column GPA as an array.
I have declared an array with name ‘Marks’. But I am not able to extract the column GPA values as array elements to array Marks.

Hi @swetha_pattabhi

Instead of using an array, use a List to hold your values. It is much easier to do this with lists.

I have a sample workflow which I created for you. This extracts data from a excel file into a datatable. Then, I have used an assign activity to get the data of one column to a List variable.

Check it out.

DataTableColumnToList.xaml (5.0 KB)

If this works for you, please mark the answer as the solution so that it could help others who are looking for similar scenarios :slight_smile:

Hey. Thank you.I figured out and got the solution. I used List of intergers and used Add to Collections activity. then converted to array while passing to workflow.

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