How to achieve a neat output using Microsoft Cloud Vision API


I’m using the MS Cloud Vision APi to extract text from images using the OCR capability

However the output I get is in a string/Json format

If you go to the link>>

and use the 2nd option of readtext to test an image , in the right pane you can see the output as JSON and as preview

is there anyway to get a neat output like the preview pane? (just having spaces between different strings?)

Kindly guide towards how to achive this

Im using a HTTP request to get the result as the default MS cloud OCR activity in uipath is not working despite entering the subscription key.

The POST output from HTTP request was converted to JObject using Deserialize JSON activity (4.5 KB)

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Solved using JSON Parser with loops :slight_smile:

helped to achieve the desired outcome thanks to @karthik_bethi video!


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