How to accommodate data in add data row

Hello guys i want to accommodate my new datas in an excel that i have,
I want to put the new data in a specific column of my excel but i dont know how to put in a specific column
I worked in this
I received this Strings i have to put in a specific column

Thanks bye


The way this works, is by positioning the items similar to how the columns are arranged in the Datatable.

For example, if there are two columns A and B, then the items that should go into A and B respectively should look something like this →


Does that answer your query?

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Ashwin A.K

but if i want to put str_valueForA in the column c ?
How i could do it ?


Then you have to place it at that index →


I get the feeling that we are not on the same page, could you maybe define your problem once more so that the others on the forum can also get a clearer picture?

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Ashwin A.K

@VAZQUEZ_SOSA_LUIS_ALBERTO Do you want to put the data in a specific column or specific row. The data row activity that you are using will add this data (from your screenshot) to the row in the data table. From data table you can update in the excel of specific rows

Please go through the below doc for more info on this activity

thanks its works, i think i have to work diferent

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