How to access manually created environment variables from uipath?

Hi All,

I have created a custom Environment Variable in Windows, how can I access that custom/manually created environment variable in UiPath?

I am not able to access it using Get Environment Activity.

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use get environment activity and instead of selection option from dropdown just write your variable name(custom environment variable) in double quotes like in below picture.


it will return you complete variable value.

@ghazanfar I have tried it already but it’s not working, it is fetching values from environment variables from “Get Environment Variable” Activity’s dropdown, not fetching for custom created variables.

Hi @Rohit_More,

I tested this out. You are correct to notice that UiPath returns Nothing after creating the System Variable. Then I remembered that scene from The It-Crowd:

This will work. It is just that windows needs to restart after you have created the system variable. So you can try restarting the machine once and then run the Get Enviornment Variable with your required key in the System variables



Hope this helps!

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