How start a for each from an specidif index of a data table

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I have a table in excel, which I have to separate into 2 parts, the delimiter is a word that is captured in a row (at this point is written on a separate page the content before this delimiter)

I would like to know how I can continue the route of the for each from the point where I am staying.

I have read that I can use a while for this purpose, but I would like to know if someone has an example of how the structure of the for each should go with the while

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You need to use break in order for you to make itteration in the next table.

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Hi ,

There are multiple ways through which you can do

  1. First ,
    You can find the row index of the the specific word using the below expression

rowIndex =(datatableVariable.Rows.IndexOf(datatableVariable.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(row) row(0).ToString.Contains(“word”)).ToArray()(0))+1).ToString

the other way of doing the above is ,

use for each to iterate and initiate a counter to 0 ,

convert the row into string by using the below expression

string = String.join(",",Row.itemArray)

check if the particular string contains the value , if it contains take the counter as rowindex
else increment the counter .

  1. once u find the index , u can pass it in the below expression
    datatable 2 = datatable.skip(rowindex).copytoDatatable .

This expression will skip it to that point and put the remaining in the other data table.


can you please suggest me the approach on my below query.
I have written contains string check and int_index is populating correct and copied to data table but I want to read Index Ex: 9 from 50 and want to skip remaining records to be copied.
I have checkpoint in file with String “End” at 50th line of my file . as per below line it is giving all lines from Index 9 to end of the excel. please let me know how can we copy from 9 to 50 in my example.
Please suggest .