How put decimal on a number

I have a situation where I am fetching a 8 digit number from a portal and everytime I am storing it into a variable called num

Now I want to insert two decimal points in the number (specifically after the 4th digit and the 6th digit) and then write that number to a excel file,

For example if the number fetched from the portal is 12345678

In excel it should be written as 1234.56.78

How to achieve this ?

Hi @Ishan_Shelke

Please try the below expression provided if it is always eight digit


if it is not eight digit always you can use the below expression



You can divide your inital string with substring function
InitVar.Substring(0,1) → Part 1
InitVar.subString(4,2) → Part 2
InitVar.subString(6,2) → Part 3
And then concatenate it adding dot

Let’s assume we can rely on the length:


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