How open PDF file

Hello Everyone, how can I open a PDF file in StudioX?
Please help, this is very important for me.
Thank You very much.

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@sullivanne I believe you can use ==> “Use Application” and give the file path in that.


Try with START PROCESS where pass the file path of the pdf file as input in FILENAME property

If this is not visible make sure you have enabled Developer option in activities panel
Click on filter icon in activity panel (the place where u search for activity) and enable developer

Cheers @sullivanne

Thank You, but where do I add a path? Sorry, I’m new in UiPath.

I’m working on UiPath StudioX, I don’t have activity Start Process :frowning:

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In Argument Section.

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Fine then
Developer option is not enabled I believe

In use application activity mention the filepath in this property
Arguments - If the application is not a web browser, you can specify parameters to pass to the target application at startup. You can use this property to open a specific file with the application. For example, if the target application is Acrobat Reader, you can open a specific workbook by providing the full path to the file. To open the file C:\Sample.pdf, enter "C:\Sample.pdf". Certain application types are automatically identified and autofill the Arguments property, such as Java apps, Office Suite apps, Adobe Acrobat, or Windows File Explorer

File path - If the application is not a web browser, specifies the full path of the executable file to open. If a file path is specified, the URL property is cleared.

Ideally for you it’s arguments

Check this doc for more understanding

Cheers @sullivanne

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