Add Open File Option to StudioX

I was trying to open an Excel I created at the end of my bot in StudioX, but I couldn’t find any option. It will be a great addition to have an option to open any file providing its path only.

This are the current options:

In Studio, there is already a similar option:


This is the version of UiPath that I’m running:


Hi @fanmixco

The activities under the “File” tab are designed to work at “file system” level. However, “Open File” doesn’t really fall in that category since different file types will have different associations, i.e. need different applications to open them.
If you’re creating an Excel file, you can use the “Excel” tab activities under “Use Excel” scope as described in this doc:

I’d like to have a generic option to open any file giving its path and that’s all. You can do the same with Windows+R and type it:


The same applies to the Start Process option in Studio:


Yes, I see your point, and it’s a fair one too.
However, as with many other activities packages in StudioX, certain activities are not deemed suitable for a citizen developer project.
The StudioX contains carefully selected activities that can support a typical business user’s automation needs. “Start Process” activity opens up a wider door which may not be ideal for StudioX profile.

I hope that makes sense. At least, that’s the way I look at it.
Also, for instance, I have tried before, to install and use UiPath.Form.Activities in StudioX and they work too. I am not sure if it’s recommended though.

That’s why I defined it as opening a file, not running a process. This is a day-to-day action for every citizen developer and a common user. I think my dad (who is 65 y.o.), for example, would think, and how can I open an Excel or a Word file after its creation immediately? Why cannot I open the Excel from the app?


I agree. Opening files is a pretty basic thing regular users do all day every day. It’s going to be an essential part of a citizen developer automating their tasks.

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I see that point behind your post.
Take my vote :slight_smile:

Hi @fanmixco ,

For Excel files, we’re working on an option to keep the file open after run. For other file types, there is no guarantee the software is installed on the user’s machine. I’d like to understand more about the end goal here of having the file open - is this for review, are there actions to take afterwards? If so, shouldn’t the task focus on automating the steps there as well?


There’s no guarantee Excel is installed on a server we run unattended automations on. It’s up to us to make sure the system has the necessary software for the automation to function. This is true for any automation, any app, and is not a good reason not to give needed functionality to citizen developers.

Hi Raluca, the main purpose is to open a file as simple as that. Maybe I want to open a .doc, .xls, .ppt, .txt, etc. As you said, the required software might not be installed, but the same happens with a process in Studio, right? I can have Excel installed as LibreOffice Calc, Free Office, etc. It’s my responsibility as the developer to show a warning (or if UiPath can) to add a validation that shows: "The required software is not installed."

I have multiple Android apps that if the Play Store is not installed show a warning when a Popup for rating my app is triggered and they don’t have it.

In the end, this is the user’s responsibility that uses the bot that meets the requirements to use like in every piece of software. You set certain requirements to use any piece of software, for example:

Source: Hardware and Software Requirements (

If I don’t meet the requirements, maybe I could sideload UiPath but it might not work as expected, and UiPath won’t take any responsibility.

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