How image compare

Based on a specific image, I want to output true if the images match and false if they don’t.
I think use Find Image Match. tell me how


I think we don’t have any in built activity to compare images. Please refer the below custom package from market place. It might help your requirement. Thanks.

thank you

Your welcome.

Hi i think Image compare can be done using seperate application, then the result can be taken using RPA Get Element ,
1.Use external Aplication for image compare
2.Take the result into variable
3proceed with your process based on te result

and if you want to create your won aplication for image compare here is the general idea i can think of can use VB the fille
3.extract as a RGB value it in a notepad

—repeat this for second image–
Final do compare on the RGB and you can set some treshold for the minimum error/diffrence of RGB

hope this helps