How I will open a file using uipath

Hi, I have a problem like infront of me there are some files are there. there will be more than one log files, I have to click on the log file whose size is greater than zero, How I will do this?

Hi @mukesh_behera
i think u can use the below logic for ur case

Nived N
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Thank you for replying but in my case i dont know where the files are, i can see the files but don’t know the location, even i am able to see there size but in selector there is nothing like that.

hi @mukesh_behera i did not understand by what u said
like u can see the files but not the location
can u elaborate please?


If you want to open the log files which is greater than zero

Then as @NIVED_NAMBIAR shared that will be the best approach

As you are thinking of GUI based automation, which is not a good solution

Hope this helps you


In my case only GUI based automation can be done. Would you please tell me how i can do.

Consider a website where we can see some files. I want to download the file whose size is greater than zero.

Hi @mukesh_behera

I think the website will contains the file size details displayed within the website

Is it right?

Yes, but that is not a website but a software, and the files are coming from server.

Hi @mukesh_behera

Can u Share the screenshot of how file details are displayed?

I can’t share because that is confidential.
Just see the pattern


Like this

do it conatins the size information in the left or right side part like this

file1 45Kb
file2 23Kb

like this @mukesh_behera


Hi @mukesh_behera
then try datascraping and store the data in form of datatable with format like this
File Name FileSize …

then using some validation condition check filesize is equal to zero
if the filesize is not zero then use click activity to click that file by making the selector dynamic.

Hope it helps
Nived N
Happy Automation

Data scraping is not possible there, whole row get selected.

Hi @mukesh_behera

Can u go for screen scrapping