How get Range (Ex: A1: G5) from the data table

Lets say i have data in sheet1 of excel file and I am using read range activity with range specified for All using “” and storing in variable Dt1. I need the range of the table Dt1. how can we achieve it.

Hi @pramod.nannaka are you talking about getting data from the dt1 table. If so then try the following steps:

You can also access with row index and column index .
e.g : CurrentRow(rowIndex)(ColumnIndex)


In this way you can achive the data table values.

Let me know if you want something different.


i think that a provicional solution could be counting the rows and the columns, so you can get the last value in every side

to get column count use:


to get row count use:


in that way you can aproach the column name


you didnt get mt question correct.

Yes i know up to this part and looking for solution after this in getting range after fetching column count and row count.

lets say i have got 5 columns and 3 rows. how do i get range as A1:E3 if i have dt1 previously.