How Get all the line from a textfile who has a specific word

hello and thax for all the help!!

I want to see all the text on the line where I find a specific word in a text document
for exmaple:
The text file have:
mExiste el dir /home/pasda//HOME-234/sdfsdf…
m direc ual a /home/fgf/fghrt&rtht/HOME-rth/gthth…mFAIL.
mVerifi y deshtht:

i find the word “FAIL” and i want to save all the line “m direc ual a /home/fgf/fghrt&rtht/HOME-rth/gthth…mFAIL.”

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You can use read text file activity
the you get that text and with a created array of string variable you can do like:
strArray = myText.Split(Environment.NewLine.ToCharArray)
Then you can use a for each
then use an IF condition like this:
IF item.contains(“FAIL”)
You know that line has a fail

i have this, i cant get all the line " m direc ual a /home/fgf/fghrt&rtht/HOME-rth/gthth…mFAIL."

try to follow my little guide there, i know you can do it! :smile:

How to get line number.