How does the array initialize?


Source: Assign
Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Main.xaml (6.3 KB)

May How to run normally?

New String(99){}
Can run


Hi @Phox

Your assign statement is fine. Why that error comes is because your array is not initialized in the variables panel.

So for your str array under default column in variables panel add the below code to initialize it

New Array(Of String)

Now your assign will work fine :slight_smile:

Let know if this works for you

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Kindly use list instead of array if you are not sure of number of values you are store in a collection…use array…only when you are sure about the number of values to be stored…

Ok coming to the point…
Initialize array for a string like
New string[size of the array]. Or
New Int[size of the array]

For list
New list(of string)
New list(of int32)
But use add to collection activity to add data to a list…

Hope this would help you



Hello @Phox,

You are initializing the array with value . If I understand well with your image presentation.

Two ways you can able to initialize the array with value.

  1. You can initialize in the variable panel. like below

  2. Using the assign activity like below.

To know more about this. please take a look this site.



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