How do I write an array into a data table?


I have an array of items I am trying to write into a data table. If I had 2 array items, for example, how would I make it so that one is written on each line? I can’t seem to get it right!

Thanks a lot.

Hi @dr1992 ,

Can you share sample array items and your expected result.


Hi @dr1992

loop your array using for loop and change type argument to string

Inside the loop use ‘add data row’ and in array of itens field give {currentitem}

Thats it you will get each item
Into each row


He would need to put ‘comma’ separator as well I would say if he does not have one.
So the string inside adddata row array should be like:

Hi @Petar_Soce

He wants to write one array into multiple columns ideally there would be only one item not multiple its not a data row/array…but its single array item


Hi @dr1992

Check out the video link

Check out the thread