How do i update links in Excel?

hi I want to update hyperlink in Excel whenever there’s new files downloaded.

  1. UiPath to read the names of files downloaded and update on the last alphabet (which is the version). It is able to go to whichever sheet it belongs to base on the name. For example,
    File name: WINDER-WINDER-L-OS-001-1-A goes to winder sheet and update.
    File name: PACK-INSP-L foes to packing sheet and update.
    Most likely only need to change the last letter of the hyperlink to update the version. Thank a lot in advance for any ideas.

hello @monicaong0609
get the excel scope,
Use “get sheets”.for each sheet -
“for each file in folder” it will read the file name.
you have to use write Cell value using “=HYPERLINK(link_address, [friendly_name])” by taking last row using Find Last data row. Use Regex for getting versions. if need more help let me know.

hi thank you so much for your helps but i still not sure what to input for some parts

Or can i use if activity to locate the sheet via file names?