How do i remove the additional line breaks?

Hi, how can i remove line breaks in cells in my Excel file? I have tried various ways such as Replace(“\r”,“”), Replace(Environment.NewLine, String.Empty), Replace(vbLf,“”) but still can’t get rid of the line breaks and it is getting frustrating.

I believe the line breaks are generated from the Add Data Row Activity which is why i added a replace function in the Add Data Row Activity.

Screenshot as attached.

try using regex

Regex.Replace(yourString, “\t|\n|\r”, “”)

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It works! Thanks for the help!

Hi @HainTavuk , I have another query on regard expression, regarding about extracting company name from a pdf file. Can I ask in this thread or would it be better for me to create a new thread?

you better open a new thread :slight_smile:

Alright. Thanks for the help anyway

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