How do i join two data tables based on 2 conditions

Hello guys , i am trying to join two tables where Column a on dt1 = Column a on dt2 And Also Column b on dt1 = Column b on dt2 .

i have this
(From a In milliFileDT.AsEnumerable() Join b In dtReport.AsEnumerable() On a(“BotUniqueID”).ToString() Equals b(“BotUniqueID”).ToString() and CDbl(a(“LCY_AMOUNT”)) = CDbl(b(“amount”)) select a).CopyToDataTable

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Hi @MasterOfLogic;

If you are interested in inner, full or left join, you can use Join DataTable activity and that will allow you to choose the input datatable and add conditions as required.

If you are wondering how to perform right joins. This is not available by default. You can refer to my post in this thread to perform Right Join two datatables in UiPath. How to remove duplicates in merge data table to get unique values? - Build - UiPath Community Forum

Hey @MasterOfLogic,

This should work for you. Make sure you give exact column name as I just given my assumptions.

Thanks :slight_smile: