How do I go to a sequence?

I have this process, and I want to display a form afeter this if “LuogoSelezionato.Contains(“without”)” and then restart the whole process from the first sequence, when I open the browser.
So If I get into that if and the condition is true I want to restart the process but mantaining the data stored until that point.
Is this possible?

I can’t attach my flow or any file so. I’ll define better my flow.
I want the flow to go to a specific point if a condition is true.

yes its is possible you can build your solution in flow chart activity.

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You should be using Flowchart type of workflow for this use case.

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Can i Integrate my flow to the Flow chart activity? Or Do I have to do all the flow again?

try to copy paste development what you created then you can add flow decision where ever it need then based on the condition you can loop to the starting activity for next transactions.

Can u help me with this? Imgur: The magic of the Internet
This is my choice, if it is true I can do easily, but if it false how can I continue the flow using flowchart?

Sequence7.xaml (8.8 KB)
here is some sample flow , likewise based on your text or boolean value you can add condition in flow decision and based on that you can restart the process from beginning.

you can use invoke workflow activity and attach mail xaml into it it will start the process from start

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