How Do I Extract Multiple Data From Json API Call

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to extract some values from with a http request activity in studio. I create API call and deserealize it for json output.

My json incluedes more then one same value labels for example its like that;

“activities”: [
“id”: 17,
“candidate_id”: 1011,
“project_id”: 1,
“is_task”: false,
“action”: “Ön değerlendirme”,
“status”: “Takipte”,
“reason”: “”,
“reason_id”: 0,
“content”: null,
“replies”: null,
“date_create”: “2021-01-28 10:09:33”,
“date_due”: “2021-01-28 10:09:33”,
“date_finish”: “2021-01-28 10:09:33”
“id”: 18,
“candidate_id”: 1011,
“project_id”: 1,
“is_task”: true,
“action”: “Telefon görüşmesi”,
“status”: “”,
“reason”: “”,
“reason_id”: 0,
“content”: null,
“replies”: null,
“date_create”: “2021-01-28 10:09:42”,
“date_due”: “2021-01-28 10:09:42”,
“date_finish”: “”

I need to extract “candidate_id” parameters from there in for each loop. How do ı do that. Is anyone can help me about workflow ? I need to extract each one of “candidate_id” value results.


Give a try on
Use a for each Activity | typeargument: JObject
Loop var: Item, values:
YourJObvectVar(“activities”).Values(of JObject)

Within the Loop acces the ID by


I create like this ;

Am ı right? Can you write for me example mate, ıf you can it will be more helpful thanks a lot or ı can share my xaml too .

Oh okay thank you mate , ı done it now :slight_smile:

Create like this ;

And it works !!

Can ı get help about write excel those results too ?

What can I do for each result to write an excel ?

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