How do I build the ServiceComponentData input option for the Launch EIB Workday activity?


I am looking to launch EIB Integration tests using the Launch EIB activity, but in order to properly launch the various tests, I need to specify various information through the Integration_Service_Component_Override_Data element (the ServiceComponentData option in the Launch EIB activity). (Link to Workday Launch_EIB documentation here)

For context, normally the business specifies the information in the “Schedule an Integration” page on Workday in the “Integration Criteria” section. An example - as seen below, there is a “File Name” field in the Integration Criteria, and when the business runs this EIB, they change the Value Type to be “Determine Value at Runtime” and the subsequent Value to “Next Sequence for Integration File Utility”.

I thought the answer would revolve around building each component, starting with Instance ID and working back up to Integration_Service_Component_Override_Data, but it falls apart when I try to assign the Instance ID to the Integration_Service_Component_Field_Override_Data’s “Specify_Value_Data” parameter, because it doesn’t appear to have that parameter, only the “Field Name” parameter.


Attached below is my current workflow. Please advise how I can successfully assign such parameters when running an EIB Integration test.

WD_IntegrationTestEIBLaunch.xaml (14.0 KB)

For anyone who finds this, you have to set “Item” to True, and then ItemChoiceType to ItemChoiceType.File_Utility (where you can replace File_Utility with Data_Source or either of the other override type options).

The actual solution I ended up using however was creating text xml files that get read into the automation to use the HTTP Request activity to just send out the SOAP API request as a “text/xml” body.