How do I Add Data in Column of Data Table at Runtime?


How do I add String type Data Which is Fetched From the Website (Dynamic) in DatatTable at Runtime ?


Excel SS is only For Example, this is how Datatable looks like…

I want To add Data in Column C1 and C2 One by one at Runtime DataTable Not in the Excel

Are you reading the ID, Name, and Amount into the datatable, then want to loop through it, gather data from somewhere else, and add the new data in C1 and C2? If this is correct, then after reading the ID, Name, and Amount into a datatable you use Add Data Column to add the C1 and C2 columns, and then inside your For Each Row in Datatable you just use Assigns to set the value of C1 and C2 for the current row.

Yes Correct !

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