How could I separate the numbers 1-1-1 from the string and put it for each row?


I’m trying to separate the numbers “1-1” o “1-1-1” from the string in the column "TAREA “Archivo Contrata” and It has to be pasted in the column “Tarea Origen” from the sheet “Hoja1”.

What It is :

Desired Output


I was trying with :

Write cell activity but It didn’t work.
“=MID(C5,1,SEARCH(’ ',C5,1))”
Any idea, please.

I’m uploading the excel file.
Columna.xlsx (184.8 KB)

This should have what you need


Hey @pprin001,
You can try this.

Testing1.xaml (8.3 KB)

Please mark this as solution if this helps you,


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