How could I get the idx of the element?


When I use “Get attribute”, i does not seem to appear an option of “idx”. How should I do it?

Thanks a lot.

Edit: when having lots of fields (whose difference is just the idx number) I need to get the idx of one of them to do some calculations.


mention as “idx” in get attribute activity, though it doesn’t show in the list
that would work for sure

Cheers @EngAnalyst

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I tried @palaniyappan but an error is shown:


make sure that selector that we have used in the get attribute has the attribute idx in its node.i.e, in its selector
else we wont get
Cheers @EngAnalyst

Yes i checked it and it is found:



so were you able to get the value of idx now
Cheers @EngAnalyst

No… I still have the error message shown below…

Kindly make a selection with the element once and include the idx attribute to the selector from selector editor and try buddy
This should work but i wonder why its not
Cheers @EngAnalyst

What do you mean ? I’ve been trying everything but i do not know what to do…

Hi @EngAnalyst

Do you have selector property as aaname


What happens is that I have a lot of fields whose only difference is just the “idx”. when using “get attribute” activity and selecting a field, it appears as a selector the “idx” number (let me remind that its the only difference against the rest of the fields). So if i write “*” in the idx property, then it does not work…

Hello @Palaniyappan, Thanks for your reponses.i got so many solutions from your side, so here i need the same solution for the above tried this but it doesnt work for me…do i need to install any package for this to work…

please advice,


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