How can we use adaptive delay?

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In Delay activity we manually write the time like 00:00:03 means after 3 secs next activities will be performed.

But I need a adaptive delay, like automatically it detects the complete page load then proceed next activity. is this possible? In case of manual delay, sometime page takes 2 secs to load and sometime it takes more than 15 secs, So I’m confused how to tackle this. I set 5 sec time in delay but sometime it gave error or sometime it sit idle for remaining time if page take less than 5 sec.

Any solution for my problem…?

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Zain Ul Abideen


As you correctly mentioned using hard code delay degrade the performance of the bot. Instead of hard code delays we have to go for conditional delay.

In conditional delay we have to mention the max time a web page will take refresh the data so that bot will perform the activities whenever the web page loaded. it will not wait for the max time out. this is the best practice for Ui automation.

To enable the conditional delay we have to use the below activites.

→ Element exist activity.

→ Check App state

Please refer the below links it will guide you on this. thanks.

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To add to Kirankumar’s answer:

If you want to use Modern UiAutomation - Check App state is your best option
If you want to use Classic UiAutomation - There are more activity options that might fit:

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