How can we split an Array

I have an array, length can vary. I want to split the array into 2 strings. The split has to happen after the 10th value.

Array Value = “11111111,222222,33333333,4444444,5555555,666666,77777,888888,9999999,444444444,5555555,6666666”

Is there a way to give the starting index and ending index and get all the values
into 2 sub strings. First substring should have 1st 10 values, The rest of the values in the second substring

Is there a way of doing it without using for each.

Thankyou in advance


In this case, we can use Take and Skip method as the following.

Main.xaml (6.8 KB)

Hope this helps you.


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Thankyou @Yoichi. Appreciate your help.

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