How can we compare multiple excel files in two different folders with every row and column and update the result as first folder excel and second folder excel data is matched or not and so on comparing all excel files

i need correct info i am new to uipath can any one help me please.

Hi @Ashwini_ks,

Try the approach followed in the link below…

hi @kantheshm
i already watched that vedio but i didn’t get correct info.

Try this activity in marketplace…

Compare Datatables - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

@kantheshm i am unable to attach my workflow

Okay no issues. Try this activity in marketplace. It solves your need…

Compare Datatables - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

i have multiples of excel files,csv files and txt files in two different folders


Here wat you can do is, you can read the file name with location of each folder. Then you can iterate through each file name in for each followed by read range and the activity shown above.

In this way you can achieve your requirement.

PS- Text file shld be treated separately…

Like u can use lookup datatable activitiy to lookup values from one excel in another Folder and use write cell activitiy to update values if found.

This is the logic u can try


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