How can I use the same browser in a different workflow

I have a main workflow which invokes another workflow (#3) which then invokes another workflow (#4) which uses a browser.

I want to use the same browser window, where the main left off in workflow #4.
I’ve used input/output element but Its still not working. Any help would be appreciated.

  1. Main workflow with output element named out_LastUsedBrowserPage

  1. The same main, invokes workflow #3


It’s import arguments

  1. Workflow 3, invokes workflow 4



  1. And finally, workflow 4 uses, in_LastUsedBrowserPage


If you want to pass UiElement from Main to Workflow3, the following Direction should be In or In/Out, I think.


Hi @NiesonF

you are doing in the correct way, but as we are reusing the element, we can’t get the propertie “Open” empty, we should set that propertie to never because we have this open already


Ok, i’ve set the “open” property to never, and changed the direction to “in” but now the browser doesn’t continue when it reaches that workflow.


Please check your selector, it is failing

ok solved it, I made the browser address dynamic and changed it to open “never”

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