How can I test of Zip File is correctly made?


First of all I am a newbie.
Now I implemented where I make a Zip which is composed of XML files.
After that I want to check if the Zip file is nicely made or if I can test it.
How can I do that?

A piece of my code

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Sorry didn’t get you. Can you please tell more details about the issue for better understanding.

Suppose you have 50 xml files, I made a zip of it.

After that process.

I want to check if the file is correct → can be opened / tested.

Hello @Kris_Bauwens1

I hope are creating the ZIp file as part of automation using ZIp activity in uipath.

Then checking the zip folder again by unziping is not correct.

Better you can verify the folder and files using the automation before zipping the folder using uipath.