How can I solve it?

In this image, how can I get only “71.00” as output. What should be the command for this??

@nirmalya.sarkar - Have you tried the previously provided solution? If yes, what is the result your are getting?

@nirmalya.sarkar - You can try this…

"₹ 71.00 (22%)".split(" "c)(1).replace("₹",string.empty).Trim


Hope this helps…

I use yourSrting = yourString.Replace(“₹”,"") this command. After doing this I get "71.00 (22%) as output. How can I get only “71.00” as output??

Can I write " " instead of string.empty??

@nirmalya.sarkar - It should be "" as shown below…


Thank you . It’s done!!!

@nirmalya.sarkar - Thanks…Once you complete the testing, please mark my post as solution so that others will be benefited.

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