How can I send multiple Excel files to different email addresses in Uipath?

How can I send multiple Excel files to different email addresses in UiPath?
For example, it will send files A and B to person X and Y.
How can I ensure that files C and B are sent to person Z?

We would need a lot more detail in order to give you specific solutions. But in general, you’d have some sort of loop that contains the files and recipients, and inside the loop you’d execute the send email activity multiple times.

I have an Excel file as shown in the picture, and I transfer this Excel file to the queue and download the sales and receipt reports of the relevant company according to the value I get from the queue. After downloading the reports, I want to send them to the e-mail addresses in the contact section.

Then you’d Read Range that spreadsheet into a datatable, loop through the datatable, and inside the loop put the relevant attachment file paths into a collection and send the email to CurrentRow(“contact”).ToString

Note that if you use Send SMTP Mail Message (which I highly recommend instead of the Outlook activities) then you’d use comma, not semicolon, to separate the addresses.

I’m new to UiPath can you show me how to do it?

The UiPath Academy is great for free training. This one is specific to Excel and datatables…

If you are completely new, though, you should start at the beginning with the associate training so you can learn how Studio works etc.

Hi @robotica ,

You can use flow file to get data table
2.use for each row of data table
3.use send outlook mail inside for each row in data table
-to : row(“contact”).toString
-file base on row value