How can I select a table in an outlook email body?

Hi guys,

new UIPath user here and Ive been trying to do the following:

Imagine an email that has a table in it (not as attachment but in the body).
Here is how the mail looks like:

I need to select some values from this table, but I can’t figure out how to specifically get this table without anything else?

I think it would be best to copy it over to excel and then I can do a foreach row but I can’t figure out how to select just the table. Also the table length depends on each mail, but it always has the same titles (First name, Last name,…).

How can I achieve this?
Thx guys!

Hi @GeraltDieSocke

Try this activity for extraction of tables from email

Extract table from email body - #15 by Sourav_Anand

Hope it helps


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thank you very much. Unfortunately I get the error that the package is corrupted and there are incorrect headers present. The reviews of this package and question are full of users that have the same error: Extract Tables from Mail - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace
Also the project itself doesn’t work. I get this error when opened with UIPath: This activity is missing or couldn’t be loaded correctly.

Any other ideas how I can do this? I now have the full studio (not studioX).