How Can I scrape the phone number from Just Dial Website

Hello Team,

I am scraping data from Just Dial website and I am able to get Store Name, Address and other details but not be able to Get Phone Number. Please let me know the ways to get the Phone Number as well.

Hello Guys,

I want to scrape the phone number from Just Dial website.

Please let me know how can I get all the data from Just Dial. I have also attached the Screenshots.!

Hai buddy,
Use get text Or get attribute activity to get the contact number.
Thank you


But there are lots of listing so how I can fetch all of them one by one. Can you please guide me

Hello buddy @Asheesh_Tiwari… Use Extract Correlated data to scrap numbers… This may help u that u seeking for…
Let me know if it works…

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Hello @Nandhuba,…Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, I used Data Scraping (Extract Correlated Data), I got Store name, Address but the Phone number is not able to get. Phone number section is empty. Please help me to scrape the Phone number.

Let’s try with click text activity indicate mobile number section, for each link but I’m not sure, morever some of the websites non aptable one fr scraping… Check that thing alsoo…
Let me know if it works…

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No, Its not working :pensive:

@Asheesh_Tiwari cool…:roll_eyes: May be Just dial site not aptable one to scrape mobile numbers… There’s no any other issues in ur process… Try it with other sites… U unable to scrape mobile number there… That’s all

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What I understand after inspecting element, Just Dial use class for each and every phone number digit. Like! justdial|690x278

Here each digit has its own CSS class so there is a possibility that Scraper doesn’t read these digits.


Superb buddy this is the new information for me,
Thank you.

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Is there any chance to scrape the phone number from just dial?

@Asheesh_Tiwari… Just Dial doesn’t allow to scrap Mobile numbers I think so… If u find any possibilities to scrap … Let’s frame it to all of us…

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Sure @Nandhuba… Hope you will also try to do this and if you do, please let me know as well

@Nandhuba & @Asheesh_Tiwari I came across the same problem as my client asked me to scrape mobile numbers from Justdial as I checked number on Justdial are converted into SVG format as they have no text value what so ever, than I tried to reverse engineer the website and found that we can define the svg values with the reference of their script defining them in the first place at the time of loading.

I have already tried and it works just fine but as it is of no use for me anymore I m not going with the script if anyone require this let me know by commenting


Hi @Arpit_Saxena and others. Need your help with scraping. If you peeps can be kind enough to help me with the code then it would be great.