How can I save output into a .txt file and repeat it every second?

Hi there, I have screen scraped and gotten an output, how can I save this output in a .txt file so that my java program can fetch it? I would like this to loop every 1-5 seconds so that my java code can see if any new data is present.

If you do it continously it will become infinite loop. When you have to end the process.

You can do it in Flow Diagram by using Flow Decisions. But When you have to break the loop.


You can try HTTP trigger or HTTP service whenever the new data is crapped so that it can communicate with Java application.


So you’re saying I have to end the loop in order to save the output? I am new to this, how would you go about feeding the strings to your java and/or python project?

I don’t understand what you mean, can you dumb it down for me? I’m trying to scrape data from the same page every few seconds and pass the string to my java project to do some calculations and such. How would you do this?